“I assumed all you sold was higher end. I’m so glad I came back and was able to see that you do offer all ranges of pricing.”

“I think I could throw a dart in this store and hit something I like!”

“We love our lights!”

“You made this job so much easier than I thought it would be!”

“My customers raved about your excellent service!”

“Your lighting inspires me!”

“Your store has the best selection in the Region!”

“They seem to be wanting to build relationships rather than just sell you a light.”

“This store is REALLY helpful.”

“Today, our handyman installed the three light fixtures. We love them. Thank you ever so much for sharing your expertise, not only about the light fixtures but also the bulb options. We can’t believe how much you know! It’s so complicated, what with all the fixture options and the bulb terminology (kelvin, lumens, candle power etc. etc.). Thank you!”