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“The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart.”

- Robert Schumann

Inlighten Studios exists to bring light into your life. We draw inspiration from our surroundings to capture the unique essence of Boulder: eclectic, elegant, evocative and beautiful. And our custom designs have been featured in publications across the nation, but stop into our showroom and you’ll understand why our passion precedes us.
Our Staff consists of experienced and certified lighting designers equipped with the information and advice you need to bring just the right kind of light into your space. We know that you will find no comparison when it comes to knowledge, service, and satisfaction.

Lighting Design

Our world-class design staff has worked on every type of lighting design project from small homes to large executive offices. The following slideshows showcase some of our favorite work.

Commercial Lighting Design

Residential Lighting Design

Featured Lighting

Cozy up to a new fireplace

Yosemite lighting fixture electric fireplace BoulderYosemite Home Décor Electric Fireplaces allow you the option to either mount on a wall or recess flush into the wall. These energy efficient units and reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying the comforts of a fireplace year round. We are proud to offer you electric fireplaces that will fit beautifully into any space. All units feature temperature control and come equipped with child safe glass that remains cool to the touch.

Yosemite fireplace electric lighting fixture Boulder

Vita Lighting, the perfect gift

lighting boulderThese lights are perfect above a table, in a hall-way, the bedroom or indeed any place where you don’t want to be blinded by a light bulb.

They are also made from indestructible polycarbonate and environmentally friendly polypropylene, and designed to be put together at home in less than 15 minutes. With it’s great price and beautiful gift box it makes a perfect present for the holidays.

Elegant LED Lighting

led_web_special_2_inlighten_studiosLED lighting is not only a cost effective and energy efficient way of lighting your space, it can also be beautiful. These LED bulbs use up to 83% less energy than incandescent, and contain no mercury or lead like compact fluorescents. Their omni-directional light is a suitable replacement for traditional 60 watt bulbs and can last up to 25,000 hours.

Stop by the showroom on Arapahoe and pick up 4 or more of these bulbs and receive a 10% discount on your purchase.


Our customers tell us our selection of lighting products is the best in the region, offering a broad range of unique products with a wide range of pricing options. Our Staff consists of experienced and certified lighting designers equipped with the information and advice you need to make excellent selections to satisfy your lighting requirements.

At Inlighten Studios we are committed to completing the job to your satisfaction.

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To arrange an in-store appointment or in-home consultation with an ALA (American Lighting Association) Certified Lighting Designer please fill out our contact form with details about your location, general scope of your project, and several options for meeting time and date.

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